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Serenade Leather

We are stockists of Serenade Leather handbags and accessories.
Please come in and visit our centre to view the range available of these beautiful leather handbags.


About Serenade Leather

Serenade Leather was founded in Sydney Australia in 1997. Since then Serenade has become an established International fashion house producing high quality beautifully crafted handbags, wallets and shoes that have become known for their unique and innovative style.

The Serenade Beverly Hills Collection stands out from the crowd, inspired by Serenade’s own design team and developed by our own team of in house professionals.

Serenade products are made in Serenade Leather’s exclusive production facilities , where leading artisans are carefully screened to assure excellence in the standard of craftsmanship, quality and reliability that Serenade and their customers expect. At Serenade Leather quality control is outstanding, from the procurement and purchase of raw materials to the fabrication of prototypes and finished product lines.

The Serenade Beverly Hills Collection has become a highly sought after product within the Australian market. Hard work , research and revolutionary design have contributed to our signature “patent leather” products being developed for the Serenade Beverly Hills Collection. The collection showcases contemporary styling synonymous with high class and quality , while still remaining affordable for a wider range of consumers. These achievements reflect Serenade Leather becoming a leading leather handbag and accessories supplier in Australia.

In October 2013, Serenade Leather had the pleasure to officially introduce Miss Erin Victoria Holland – Miss World Australia 2013 – as the Global Brand Ambassador for the Serenade Beverly Hills Collection helping to further promote our proudly owned Australian brand. This is another proud milestone for Serenade Leather.

This has been instrumental in laying the Serenade brand and product foundations for our highly successful International expansion. The Serenade Beverly Hills Collection is now selling massive amounts of leather products per year in Australia; and millions of leather products globally in the United States of America, South Africa, China, New Zealand, Greece, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, Cambodia and Fiji. We are very proud to say that Serenade Beverly Hills Collection is now a global brand.